Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs: Prof. John W.M. Bush, MIT

Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs

Professor John W.M. Bush, Professor of Applied Mathematics, MIT


The wave field generated by a droplet (black dot) executing an inertial orbit (dashed circle).

“Yves Couder and Emmanuel Fort have recently discovered that droplets walking on a vibrating fluid bath exhibit features previously thought to be peculiar to the quantum realm, including single-particle diffraction, tunneling, quantized orbits and orbital level splitting. Much of my group’s recent research has been directed towards elucidating the subtle pilot-wave dynamics of these walking droplets, and rationalizing their quantum-like behaviour.”

Preparation for University Mathematics Admission Test

If you were OK at school mathematics, but did not study a STEM subject at university, you may be interested in these resources. They are designed to help students prepare for a university mathematics admission test. They take a broader approach to understanding and problem solving in mathematics than the school curriculum.

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